A Thermo What? Thermomix TM5

This week I took delivery of a THERMOMIX TM5. A Thermowhat you may ask… ?

THERMOMIX is the Worlds’ smallest kitchen…and in some countries of Europe every other household has one. In the UK it’s still less well known although it is now frequently to be seen on Masterchef and Saturday Kitchen.

I’ve been a keen cook for years, cooking from scratch most evenings. So why have I chosen a THERMOMIX …

Not only does it chop and mix so you can use it as a conventional mixer – when it’s on its fastest setting and Turbo power it will grind sugar, grains to flour, parmesan to fine crumbs – as well as grinding spices and coffee etc. So you can finally know exactly what is going into your food, making it ideal for people with food sensitivities and allergies. Unlike other models on the market – the THERMOMIX also cooks. Not just soup either…you can use its Varoma tray to cook on multiple levels – so while you’re cooking a soup you can steam vegetables for a lovely gratin – or have rice cooking while steaming fish in the Varoma above. A three course meal e.g. Red pepper and lentil soup with fresh rolls A vegetable gratin And a fruit sorbet can be prepared from scratch within 45 minutes. And did I mention it washes itself up?

In my first week alone I’ve made soups to restaurant standard, used vegetables up that would normally have gone to waste, using the Mystery soup recipe as well as making my own Hummus, a sponge cake, and the most perfect mushroom risotto in under 20 minutes. It was beautifully rich and creamy, but without any cream – and I was able to do other jobs while it was cooking as the THERMOMIX did all the stirring for me. When I’ve finished this article, I’m going to make lemon curd. The recipe tells me it’s going to take 4 minutes 20 seconds…and it won’t be wrong!

You really need a THERMOMIX in your kitchen – it will save you loads of time. Food is produced in a fraction of the normal time and you can walk away and leave it to look after itself on most settings – leaving you free to do other things while you produce delicious nutritious food for your family. But time saving isn’t the only advantage. You’ll also be able to use more of the vegetables that you buy, and will make savings on every recipe. And yes you can use your own recipes. The quality of your cooking will improve and you’ll be able to prepare things that you previously wouldn’t have dreamed of. (I’ve never made lemon curd before…)

This is the perfect present for your son or daughter setting up home, going off to university and for those with limited space in their kitchen. It will also save money on fuel bills and you will be in the kitchen, cooking for less time. I think it is also suitable for retired people – particularly those who are downsizing.

And of course if you have your own allotment or vegetable patch you will make short work of making end of season chutneys and pickles. I could go on…

The only problem is that you can’t buy one in the shops (don’t be tempted by on-line offers…they’re not genuine and don’t come with the full customer support, and further cookery lessons and advice that is offered Free with each machine sold in the UK) and you have to see a demonstration so that you can really appreciate how it works.

I’ve been so impressed with the THERMOMIX that I’ve become an Advisor. So if you are in the South East of England – Kent, then please call me to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration of this fantastic kitchen aid. It will be 2 hours well spent and you will be blown away at what the THERMOMIX can do.

Please contact me, Helen Tobias, Independent Thermomix Advisor in Kent : Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Maidstone, Ashford, Canterbury, Dover for more information and to arrange your demonstration.
T: 07725 576472