First Aid for the Easter Weekend

This weekend is Easter and the first holiday weekend in the UK. The weather forecast is pretty good in most parts of the UK. So you’ll probably be out and about enjoying yourself.

No-one likes to think about being sick while you’re enjoying a few days break. But unfortunately, it happens all too often.

It’s handy to have a few key items in a First Aid box because unfortunately it’s often at 3am in the morning when things go pear-shaped…

So here are my favourites – they’re natural, organic products, which are good to have in your home too – and these items are good for a trip to Birmingham or if you’re off to Borneo. (By the way, I have nothing against Birmingham – I was born not far away in the West Midlands!)

1. Silver Shield Gel – great for cleansing the skin, treating blemishes, flaking & sun burned skin, cuts and bruising – and this is safe to use on children

2. Probiotic Eleven – to help your digestive system cope with unfamiliar bugs and bacteriaEaster Holiday

3. High Potency Grapine – fast relief from allergic reactions (stings and food allergies) – it tastes terrible but it really works (I’ve taken it for hay fever – and it doesn’t make you drowsy )

4. Solstic Energy – to overcome a heavy head or hangover, or give you more energy to party again!

Antioxidant drinks such as Zambroza, which is rich in anti-oxidants, may be beneficial and if you’ve been to an exotic location and may have picked up something not very nice…you could try Black Walnut.

More information about all of these products is available on my Image and Health Website – and you can purchase these products here too at 15% off the standard retail price. If you’d like more information, click the link to my website Organic Health Supplements at Image and Health. Enjoy your weekend!

PS You may need a few other items as well such as paracetamol or aspirin, crepe bandages, safety pins etc.



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