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TM5 Sausage Roll Recipe: Britain on a Plate

This week I’ve produced the best ever sausage rolls and a chicken and leek pie – both from the fabulous new cookbook from Thermomix UK: Britain on a Plate. The sausage rolls were taken on a picnic on Sunday – and filled the gap between a massive brunch breakfast and our Sunday Roast Chicken evening …

Britain on a Plate: Shepherd’s Pie Review

Britain on a Plate, the new recipe book for the TM5 from Thermomix UK has just been published. I couldn’t wait to read through my copy and now I feel really inspired to get cooking at the weekend. We’d had shoulder of lamb last week and there were plenty of leftovers.

A Thermo What? Thermomix TM5

This week I took delivery of a THERMOMIX TM5. A Thermowhat you may ask… ? THERMOMIX is the Worlds’ smallest kitchen…and in some countries of Europe every other household has one. In the UK it’s still less well known although it is now frequently to be seen on Masterchef and Saturday Kitchen. I’ve been a …