5 Reasons to Plan Your Meals Ahead

Do you make a weekly meal plan? I’m often quite surprised how few people spend time doing this and yet it should only take 10 minutes. Here are 5 reasons to plan your meals ahead:

  1. You’ll save time shopping

And you save not only time you’ll be a better shopper. You’ll have a list of the ingredients you need as you shop. And hopefully you won’t run out of something in the middle of cooking and have to dash out and buy it at the corner shop, at double the normal price. You will also be able to…

  1. Make the most of special offers
  2. You’ll have less wasted food – because you can buy just what you need, and you’ll know in advance if there will be leftovers that can go towards another meal.
  3. You’ll have a more balanced diet

This should possibly go at number 1, because if you plan meals ahead you will eat a healthier diet. You won’t have to resort to eating out or ordering take-aways, or pre-packaged processed foods which don’t have as much goodness them in and often have additives, too much salt and/or sugar.

  1. You’ll eat more interesting food and won’t have to resort to a boring meal because there’s nothing else in the cupboard.

If you’d like to start planning meal ahead I’ve made this downloadable menu planner – to make it a bit more fun. Once you’ve done it a few times you’ll find it gets much quicker and easier. Let me know how you get on!  What’s Cooking Meal Planner