Why I’m Seeing Red

If you thought it was only men that get grumpy with age, you should have been sitting with me while reading the Sunday papers and catching up on magazines, this weekend…steam, sparks and generally seeing red… What really gets my goat is the utter nonsense written by the journalists/come stylists in various well known Sunday Magazine supplements and indeed other “reputable” fashion magazines.       What am I alluding to?

  • The journalist/stylist, who suggested a white dress as suitable attire for a wedding-guest outfit.
  • The journalist/stylist who dressed a well-endowed lady in a bright red blouse with button down pockets across the bust area.
  • The journalist who wrote “go monochrome in this ultimate midi-dress” – showing a dress in three colours.
  • The journalist who pronounced that “cobalt will work across your wardrobe”.

And to round off the list (because this list could get very, very, long)…

  • The phrase “it’s a shade that will suit everyone”.

Colour plays an essential role in our daily lives. If you want to look slimmer, healthier and even feel happier, there is a colour that will be perfect for you.  

Want to make yourself look older, tired and generally unwell – you’ve guessed it, there’s a colour for you (but useful if you’re an actor wanting to play an older role or a younger person having to manage an older team).  

If you want to do well at interview, get promotion or a raise – the colours you include in your working wardrobe will play a fundamental role in how you come across to your boss or future boss.

If you run your own company, or are responsible for gaining new clients, there are colours that will make you appear more trustworthy and capable, and will help new contacts warm to you.  

But here’s the thing. When the sales assistant in a shop says “It’s a lovely colour” – she is saying just that. It probably is a lovely colour but it might not look lovely on you! And if it doesn’t go with anything else in your wardrobe… it’s just the start of the problem which often ends with ladies complaining to me “I’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear”. It’s very often the colour of the clothes which is central to the problem.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your clothes, or the different styles you try, if you want to take the guesswork out of looking good, you need to start with colour.  

So if you’ve not already had a Colour Analysis now is the time to make an appointment and get your colours done and sorted once and for all! Stop putting it off! Unlike a visit to the hairdresser, which lasts just 6 weeks, this is a session which has lasting benefits.   My clients find it a liberating experience which ultimately saves them time and money. And having a colour analysis doesn’t mean that you have to ditch your favourite black clothes.  

Yes, you can read about colour in a book – but it’s almost impossible to assess your own colours and be objective about yourself, without the help of a person who is really experienced in colour. So this rules out your best friend, your mum and anyone who offers colour as a “part-time” service. You need the advice of a fully qualified and practising Image

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H KT Updated February 2021