Don’t take their advice!

The peace and relaxation, that I’d planned Pimmsreading a new magazine, in summer sun, with a glass of Pimms in easy reach, didn’t last long! Let me explain why…

I’ve never read such a load of old tosh as in the first magazine that I picked up.

Advice to “Trim down a bigger bust with a V-neck blouse in autumn’s traffic stopping red” on the surface, sounds like good advice. The V neck would indeed be a good idea. However, red may be one of this seasons colours – it doesn’t mean you have to wear it (and if you do – you need to wear the right shade to flatter your skin tone) but red makes things ‘advance’ and stand out – not a good idea for a bigger bust. But, what really got me mad, was the picture that was teamed with the advice. Button-down pockets on each breast! Unbelievable! The stylist has certainly never had to deal with a larger bust herself – or she would never have put the two together.

As I continued to read, I hoped that this was a one- off faux pas, but as I continued, the super curvy figure was reduced to a mountain of false fur and baggy trousers – so that no curves could be identified. The apple shape was advised to keep attention to the top and wear a faux-fur stole for coverage (NO!) – which only exaggerated the top half making it look even more top heavy and the poor old pear shape was given a jacket, which although skimmed the hips (generally good for this shape) just exaggerated the heaviness around the bottom and legs. Frankly by this point, and as a pear shape myself, I was ready to jump off the nearest cliff!

I’m disappointed that a respected UK womens magazine such as this should be offering such poor style advice and I’m going to be writing a letter to them in complaint. It also goes to prove another point. Most of the personal shoppers in department stores and people working on magazines, are stylists and not image consultants. They put together outfits and accessories that work together. And that’s the point. The items may work together but they don’t always work for the body that’s supposed to wear them. The skill of an image consultant is to the take the trends and adapt them to suit the individual. To add to the wardrobe and to plan and buy clothes that mix and match together, providing endless outfits, and pass on this knowledge to their clients, so that they will always have something in their wardrobe that is suitable for any occasion. Unlike a stylist – who puts together an outfit without any knowledge of what else may be sitting at home in their clients wardrobe. It’s no wonder that so many of these styled purchases are only worn once.

As you can see, just two innocent looking pages have really got my blood boiling! And Relax….

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