Party perfect in 30 minutes

I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation – busy day, now running late, everyone/everything else sorted – but now you’re left with just 30 minutes to look gorgeous for your evening out or Christmas party.

Here are some simple steps to get Party Perfect and make your life less complicated – 10 minutes of planning now will save you loads of time when you’re in a rush.

Before you dash out to buy something, because you don’t think you have anything to wear, take a look in your wardrobe and see if you have a dress that you could dress up with additional sparkly accessories or dress down with boots or flatter shoes.

Also remember that different tights can really change the way your outfit looks…as will changing the accessories.

Pre- Party Perfect Prep:

Have two seasonal party outfits ready at all times.

So if you haven’t already done this go to your wardrobe and co-ordinate two fabulous looks. Try them on with the accessories – shoes, handbags, earrings, coat/scarf and think lipstick/eye shadow colours too. Include underwear and stockings in the above.

Make sure you’re happy with the look and take a “selfie” to remind yourself how you are styling the outfit. (Print it out if you can and pin to the back of the wardrobe door…or at least have it on your phone or ipad.)

Ideally keep all the items together in the wardrobe – you could even hang your jewellery and undies in a bag around the coat hanger with your dress.

Counting Down:

It’s also worth investing in a gel mani-pedicure mid-December – one less thing to worry about on the night. Choose a neutral colour – and this will be perfect day to evening and go with your party outfits too.

Party Perfect On the night:

With only 30 minutes to get ready decide which of the two outfits are most appropriate while you take a quick shower.

Pop a couple of Velcro rollers in the crown of your hair before you get in the shower. This will give you extra lift as will a spritz of dry shampoo through the roots. Ideally have a moisturising shower gel to hand so that you cut out the moisturising step…

Once you are towel dry, do your make-up so that you continue to dry while completing the makeup – Don’t over complicate your make-up especially if you don’t normally wear much.

Concentrate on even skin tone with a beauty balm (BB) or CC cream. Mascara and a swipe of eye-liner (only if you’ve practised – now is not the time to try this out) then concentrate on lips.

Once done, brush out the hair and spray lightly with hair spray, to give the style some staying power.

Then apply perfume and get dressed. Add jewellery, take a look in the mirror and make any minor adjustments and Voila!

Happy partying. H


“Get more from your wardrobe, add colour to your life”

Original Article by Helen Kendall-Tobias

PS If you’d like helps and advice putting together your own Party Perfect wardrobe then take a look at my Personal Shopping service and Gift Voucher pages if you’re looking for gift ideas.