Dressing to Keep Warm

As I write this article, the thermometer is dropping below zero and more snow is forecast at the weekend. Staying warm is my top priority for now.

So first things first – what should I wear? To help decide what to put on, you need to prioritise. Some areas of the body are more important than others, when it comes to staying warm. Here is my suggestion:

  1. First of all, keep your body warm and then your
  2. Head
  3. Feet
  4. Neck
  5. Hands and wrists and finally your
  6. Legs.

Dressing in layers helps trap warm air near to your body and is more efficient than wearing just one thick item. If you start with some thermal underwear – not only will you have a warm inner layer – you’ll end up looking slightly slimmer as you won’t need so many other layers.

Skinny knits are an ideal next choice for warmth to wear under a chunky knit. Shades of camel, grey and winter white are great basics to go with other items. If you can, choose natural fibres, as they’re warmer than synthetic fabrics. Cashmere, which can be quite expensive, has a fine texture, is very light, soft and strong.

If you need to go out then there are plenty of stylish coats to choose from and this is an ideal time to buy a new coat as the sales are still on. A puffa coat is ideal for all weathers, and duffle coats and parkas are great for more casual wear. If you’re going out in a snowstorm – make sure your coat is waterproof. Keep your head warm and stylish with a choice of an aviator with shearling, a beret, a knitted beanie and choosing a camel colour, or grey or burgundy – will show you know your fashion trends. While high heel boots for ladies may be stylish, wellies or flat shoes with rubber soles, that don’t absorb water, are best. Finish your look with a bright scarf. This will keep you warm inside or out, and stop heat leaking out from around your neck and don’t forget gloves. There are many colours and styles on the market. Consider what you want them for and what materials you like. Wool or leather may be warm but Gor-tex fabrics are better in the snow and wet.

If you don’t have to go out it’s still important to keep moving, even if it’s just doing a bit of cleaning or making a cup of tea. Make sure you eat some nutritious hot meals and hot drinks.