This service is being provided as an alternative to Face to Face Colour Analysis during the Covid-19 pandemic. A Face to Face colour analysis session is always the best option, which will provide the most accurate and detailed results.

This service works primarily on the provision of a photograph and a zoom call, lasting up to 60 minutes. The accuracy of the results of the service are dependent on the quality of the photograph provided.

Having submitted a photograph if Imagination is not confident that a colour analysis can be provided online (probably due to the photograph quality or the lighting being poor), no virtual analysis booking will be made and your information will be deleted.

You are advised to follow our instructions carefully on How to Take the Best Photo. (You will be emailed these before an appointment is booked.) If your photograph is not clear, we may request that you send another one. Once your photograph is accepted and payment made to secure your online appointment, refunds will not be given.

Any photographs submitted to IMAGINATION, will be kept confidential and deleted from our email system and any associated folders within one month of your virtual colour analysis.

However, your personalized summary, which may include your photo(s) will be saved in our records.

The initial appointment does not include further support once your summary and digital colour palette has been emailed to you.

You may wish to book a follow-on appointment where your colours will be explained in further detail including how to wear colour in your wardrobe in more detail than is included in the Colour Confidence session.

This service is offered by IMAGINATION for educational purposes only. Due to the online nature of this service a particular result is not guaranteed. IMAGINATION will ensure that any information provided is accurate and relevant but shall not be liable for any claims arising from the opinions or advice given during this service.

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