Do you constantly look tired, pale and lifeless?
Do you spend money on anti-ageing products and expensive facials?
Are you considering, Botox, Fillers or other expensive procedures?
Do you want to look younger for longer?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may have ignored one of the simplest solutions to always looking good. It isn’t to be found in a bottle of foundation. And although facials will have a temporary effect, they don’t last very long…The secret to looking younger, longer is probably already sitting in your wardrobe.

It’s the power of colour and wearing clothes in colours that really compliment your skintone.

Do people always comment on how well you look when you wear a certain jumper or blouse? Do people comment that you look slim in a particular dress?

It’s the power of colour at work…

And I can show you how to make it work every day, not just once in a while. At Imagination we call it Colour Styling…

The Colour Styling Experience at Imagination is a journey of personal self-discovery during which you’ll find the colours that are unique to you and you alone.

For the price of a cut, colour and blow dry; Helen at Imagination Style Consultancy, will show you which colours give you star quality. The colours which give you a healthy, glowing look. The ones that make you appear slimmer and the colours that make you look instantly more youthful. The ones to turn to for a special occasion…

You’ll find out how to wear these colours, how to use them in accessories…And don’t worry if you don’t like lime green – you won’t have to wear it…because you will have over 30 other colours to choose from and over 100 shades – so you’ll never get bored…

Unlike haircuts, facials and other expensive procedures that constantly need re-doing or topping up, you only need a good Colour Analysis once in your lifetime.

That’s a one-time payment to always look your best with or without make-up.

Book a Colour Styling experience by calling me, Helen on 07725 576472 and you’ll get all the answers and discover your “Star Colour”. So when you’re next on the red carpet, you’ll know which colour dress to choose for maximum WOW factor!

Like to experience Colour Styling with a friend? No problem.

Haven’t got a red carpet event on the horizon? Colour Styling will show you the colours that make you look
fabulous every day.

What are you waiting for? Phone 07725 576472 and add colour to your life and to your clothes.

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