When it comes to looking good in clothes – you don’t need to be a petite size 8 – you  need to know your body shape and your proportions.

Once you know this, you’ll understand what will really suit you.

It doesn’t matter how many books you read, or how many TV programmes you watch, nothing can replace having a one-to-one session with an image professional.

If you’d like a personal assessment of your own bodyshape and the styles you should wear to look amazing fast, call me, Helen on 07725 576472 or email me

Make the most of your shape – no matter what your age, budget or clothing personality.

After this super Personal Styling session with
Imagination you will:

  • Fully understand your body shape, its
    proportion and scale
  • Understand your face shape and how this
    focal point affects the way people perceive you
  • Know the styles and clothes that really suit you
  • Understand the fabrics and patterns to choose
    and the ones to avoid
  • Have the information to put together a basic
  • Know how to accessorize to suit your body
  • Save time and money when shopping by only
    buying the clothes that are right for you.

Key Information

Duration: 1.5 hours

Body Mapping
Advice on acessories
Your best styles
Where to shop for your figure
Information Leaflets

Body Shape and Style Masterclass – find out what really suits your figure…

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