Are you stuck in a rut with the colours you wear?

Do you want to add some new colours to your wardrobe – but not sure which ones?

Have you reached the stage where you know somethings’ got to change, but don’t know where to start?

It’s time to get colour working for you, and at Imagination we call it Colour Styling…

Colour Styling (is the modern approach to colour. It’s certainly not about “having your colours done” and being made to fit into a pigeon hole and handed ready-made swatches of colour the same as your friend, your friends friend, your neighbour and your aunt.

The Colour Styling Experience is a journey of personal self-discovery during which you’ll discover the colours that are unique to you and you alone.

For the price of a cut, colour and blow dry – Imagination Style Consultancy, will show you which colours give you star quality. The colours which give you a healthy, glowing look. The ones that make you appear slimmer and the colours that make you look instantly more youthful. The colour for hair, for accessories, for work…

Book a “Colour Styling” experience by calling me, Helen on 07725 576472 and you’ll get all the answers and discover your “Star Colour”… and see just how easy it is to add new colours to your life. See our Virtual Colour Analysis Service.

Unlike a hairdo or facial this is a one-off service as Colour Styling, when done well, lasts a lifetime…if you previously had your colours done a while ago – why not come for a refresher?

Because I believe in giving personal attention, and making sure you have an accurate analysis,  this is a one-to-one session (other companies will charge the same for a group analysis). But if you would like to experience Colour Styling with a friend, no problem. You can both have a Colour Styling session together. For the special price of £299.

Colour Styling will show you the colours that make you look fabulous every day…


Key Information
Time: 1.5 hours
Price: £175

We find your favourite colours – and if they suit you
We use the Colourflair method of draping, to discover your best colours
We prepare your own personalised colour swatches to take home with you…
…and show you how to wear your colours and introduce new colours to your wardrobe
You’ll discover the best colours for jewellery and accessories
And you’ll find your ‘Red-Carpet’ colour – for those occasions when you need a new outfit to wow!

Book a “Colour Styling” experience by calling me, Helen on 07725 576472

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See our Virtual Colour Analysis Service

What are you waiting for? Phone 07725 576472 Add some colour to your life…today!