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Business Image

I can help your company to win sales, grow your business, and increase customer loyalty by helping your staff to realise their full business potential and improve their confidence, just by helping them with their personal image. Image training – tailored to your business needs – is available for groups or as one-to-one sessions. Creating a positive professional business image addressing the elements of wardrobe, the effect of colour, business etiquette and body language will create a winning team with leading Corporate Image Consultant Helen Tobias. For more details visit our corporate website by clicking here

Dining Out

Have you ever been unsure which knife to use at a formal dinner? Do you know your desert spoon from your soup spoon or when it’s OK to pick up food with your fingers. Do you know how to find your way around a menu or wine list? Do you worry that your sales team may not have the dining skills to entertain an important client on your behalf? Help is at hand with a little IMAGINATION…call Helen now to book an appointment for an imaginative dining etiquette workshop – one to one or groups workshops available.

Interview Style

Anyone who’s looking for a job – whether it’s your first job out of school or college, or if you’re returning to work after a break, needs to dress for the job they want. IMAGINATION offers vital information to help you get that job. What does your CV really say about you? Does your image match your CV? In an increasingly competitive business world put yourself in pole position and make sure you and your interview outfit passes the 7 second test.

Career Styling

If you’re looking for promotion and want to dress to impress Helen at IMAGINATION will find you a winning business style – with a full assessment of your current wardrobe for business, advice on the perfect capsule wardrobe for work – and a practical shopping session, learn to shop like a professional.

For further information about any of the business services and forthcoming workshops, and training presentations contact Helen on 07725 576472 or email Business Success

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation on Friday morning. The girls really loved it. I know because I’ve been wading through all their completed feedback forms and time and time again they have cited your presentation as a particular strength of the day. So thank you very much for such a well-considered presentation it really hit the mark! I hope you might consider coming back next year to do it all over again? “AS Kent

Realise your full potential in business with Imagination

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