Keeping your Thermomix bowl nice and clean is easy when you have the right tools or know the right settings to use.

There are four ways to clean your Thermomix bowl:

  1. Using a manual setting
  2. Using the pre-clean mode
  3. Washing up conventionally
  4. Washing in the dishwasher.

The MANUAL SETTING is simply 60 seconds, 60 degrees and Speed 6. This works for all Thermomix models (TM31, TM5 and TM6). You will need to fill the bowl with water just to cover the blade (about 1 litre) and add a drop of washing up liquid. Select the setting and start the Thermomix. When the minute is up, give the bowl a good rinse to remove the washing up liquid and voila! This is a great way of cleaning if you want a quick refresh of the bowl between recipes when the bowl is not very dirty.

The PRE-CLEAN MODE is found on the TM6 and also the TM5. Onthe TM5 it is found when you hit the dough function button…but you’ll only see this option is you have been updating the software on your TM5 regularly. You add water and washing up liquid as before and then select pre-clean and choose the function depending on what you have been preparing.

  • Dough (for bread dough and raw batters)
  • Universal (the function you’ll probably use most often)
  • Fat (cleans fats and caramels)
  • Browning (cleans a mixing bowl with a browned base)

For the last setting you will need to add a little vinegar (50g) and/or use dishwasher powder – otherwise you’ll have foam everywhere! It heats up first before it really gets going so don’t be surprised if nothing appears to be happening when you start the mode. (Make sure you have the measuring cup in place!)

You can also wash the Thermomix bowl in water in the sink – a brush can be used but please consult the instruction manual for the type of scrubbing aid that you should use. When washed and rinsed re-assemble the bowl fully – being careful that the ring at the base of the blade is in place. Make sure the pins on the base of the bowl are dry.

In the dishwasher, the bowl is probably best cleaned when the base of the bowl and the bowl are seperated. You can support the blade in the cutlery section if you have one. As before make sure all the parts are dry beforere-assembling the bowl and check the the ring at the base of the blade is in place.

So there you have it. Four ways to keep your Thermomix Bowl Clean. These tips are just an example of the extra advice you can get from you Thermomix Advisor. If you’ve moved or lost touch with your original advisor why not get in touch…I’d be pleased to answer your questions. I’m based in Kent in the UK so if you are local, I’d love to hear from you. You can email or call me on 07725576472.

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