Becoming a confident cook with Thermomix

I’ve had a Thermomix in my kitchen for 8 years now – and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be without it.

Initially I have to say that I was sceptical…would it really replace 15 other gadgets…would I really use it every day?

So the short answer is YES! And what’s more, I’ve become a better cook and more confident in trying new things, that I wouldn’t even have considered all those years ago.

This weekend armed with strawberries, eggs, sugar, flour and some vanilla paste I made sweet pastry, creme patissiere and turned out a lovely French style Fruit Tart. This is the second tart I’ve made this month the first was a delicious plum tart decorated with pastry lattice and flowers…made shortly after I got hold of a copy of “SWEET” the new cookbook from Thermomix UK. Now all I need to do is to improve my photography skills! LOL